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Ways to Maximize Your Time When Completing Paid Surveys Online

Making the most of the time you have will help you get the most out of your survey experience. This is important because most survey takers also have other pressing responsibilities to deal with such as college, a job, or a family.

Set Aside a Specific Time

Maybe the best time for you is in the evening after the kids are put to bed. Or perhaps it’s easier for you to do surveys on the weekends when you’re not working or studying. Whatever time is best for you, pencil in a time slot that you dedicate to completing surveys.

By planning your survey activities during times when you don’t have to be multi-tasking or focusing on anything else, you’ll have far less stress about getting them done (and they’ll get done faster, too).

By sticking to a particular day/time that works best for you, you are also less likely to drop out of a survey in the middle of it (which can disqualify you from getting paid on 99.9% of other sites).

Set Time Limits

As we all know, being focused on something you’re interested in (social media, we’re looking at you…) can make hours seem like mere minutes. Setting a time limit for yourself where you’re spending, say, an hour or two on surveys will allow you to not let time get away from you.

When limitations aren’t put into place, some people can feel like surveys are completely taking over their free time. This can cause frustration, which can lead to dropping out altogether. If you plan wisely, you’ll set a timer or calendar reminder for your allotted amount of time, and when it’s up…you can get back to your life again.

Stay Organized

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting time trying to find something you’ve lost. Your time can be wasted if you:

  • Can’t remember what sites have available surveys waiting for you
  • Lose track of survey deadlines
  • Forget to complete the final step necessary to get paid for your time

Excel spreadsheets work great for those who are involved in multiple surveys on many different survey sites. Make sure your email is well organized with folders that can help you easily find what you need. But here’s the trick…you have to stay on top of new emails that come in. If you don’t, you’ll lose track of what goes where and you’ll miss out on some great rewards.

Your Excel spreadsheet might have columns dedicated to each survey site, with rows corresponding to each survey that is waiting for you to complete. Make sure you have a row for deadlines so that you can keep track of which surveys need to be done first.

Similarly, organizing your email folders by survey site with a separate folder dedicated to “Top Priority” can help you to never miss a survey opportunity. We also recommend having folders labeled “Waiting for Payment” and “Received Payment” so that your rewards can be easily tracked.

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