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3 Reasons to Be Honest When Taking Online Paid Surveys

Today’s top paid online survey sites have thousands of active members and are glad to issue rewards to those who complete them. However, there are people who try to “game the system” and attempt to get away with being dishonest.

Here are the top 3 reasons why honesty really is the best policy when it comes to taking paid surveys.

Your Integrity is At Stake

There’s an old saying that goes, “Once your integrity is gone, you can never earn it back again.” This is a great principle to live by. People who don’t care about doing dishonest things have no place doing online surveys.

You as a person are represented in your survey answers, so having integrity means that you want to present your best self. Integrity also means that your answers hold up, are a true representation of who you are, and can be truthfully used by the survey site to better the survey sponsor’s business goals.

Detection Technology

Advanced algorithms and data tracking utilized by survey sites make it very hard (if not impossible) to fool the system. Your user profile with your personal data presents a particular picture of how you are likely to answer questions relating to your personal interests and demographic information.

For those who have completed several surveys with the same site, a pattern of likely answers will emerge, allowing the site to pretty accurately predict how you are most likely to answer a particular question.

These technological tools help the survey site to detect when someone is “gaming the system” and to disqualify their answers and forfeit their survey. This type of behavior results in ineligibility to complete that survey and, for repeat offenders, suspension of their account. Don’t waste everyone’s time (including yours) by answering dishonestly.

Keep your account (and your integrity) in good standing by truthfully answering your survey questions.

Not Getting Paid for Surveys You Complete

If you’re looking to make money doing online surveys, great! You’ll be pleased to know that they reward quite well depending on how many you complete. However, if you’re looking to rush through questions and answer them any which way for the sake of finishing, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Quantity really isn’t more important than quality when it comes to your answers. There is the potential to dishonestly complete a large quantity of surveys, only to find out that the site or the survey sponsor has rejected each one in its entirety. Guess what? You don’t get paid.

Answering questions honestly is the best and only way to fill out paid online surveys. When they happen to be about topics that interest you, they are actually a pretty fun way to spend your time. The bonus is that you can get paid without unnecessary delays or complications when you produce high quality surveys that are accepted right away.

PointClub is the #1 Way to Get Paid for Online Surveys

Our survey sponsors depend on the integrity and honesty of our users. It is important to us to have truthful survey takers backing us up. Being honest helps everyone involved: you get points for the surveys you take, the sponsor gets reliable survey data, and we get to continue offering high quality online questionnaires.

It’s a win-win for all. Join PointClub today for free, and start getting paid to take online surveys. We are the only site that offers points, even when you can’t finish a survey for whatever reason.

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