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Top 3 Ways Students Can Save Money

We’ve all heard the jokes about students living on ramen noodles and lugging trash bags home to have mom do laundry for free. All joking aside, college is a great time to learn how to save money on every day expenses. Not only because it’s a necessity, but also because it is good practice for getting ready for “adulting” after graduation.

Calculate “Extra” Spending Dollars

That trip to the corner coffee store can add up to more than you might think. Look at your bank statement and add up the extra expenses that you’ve made in the last 2 months. For example, if you’re spending $100 at Starbucks yet you find yourself short on gas money by the end of the month, it may be time to reconsider your spending habits.

Suggested fix: Spend that $100 on a pod-based coffee machine and buy a bulk box of K-cups online (look for an online coupon!). You can usually walk away with spending about .50 per cup of coffee rather than $5. Grocery store add-ons like hot chocolate powder and half & half can make it feel like an expensive cup of coffee for much less. Alternately, spend even less by buying a can of ground coffee and use a reusable K-cup filter in your machine!

Eating Out Versus Eating in Your Dorm

Even those with a meal plan can spend way too much on eating out. Since the cost of a home-cooked meal is less than when it is prepared by a restaurant, try to make your own food whenever possible. If you have a mini fridge, a microwave, and a hot plate (or electric griddle) in your dorm room, you can spend very little money and bring back quite a bit of food from the grocery store.

Suggested fix: Invest in the above appliances to help you save money in the long run. Cook your own breakfasts and late night snacks to reduce your meal plan to just 2 meals per day. Depending on the school, you could save hundreds or even thousands over the length of your college career.

Participate in Online Paid Surveys

Finding the time to work a full time job can be nearly impossible with a full class schedule. For those who need to work part time, doing online paid surveys can be a great way to make money from the comfort of your pajamas.

The secret to success is to sign up with multiple survey sites so that you can receive enough survey invitations to make some decent money. Completing surveys isn’t a way to get rich, but it is a way to earn a few extra dollars without the hassle of spending gas money on commuting. You make your own hours, and you decide how long you want to work.

Suggested fix: Open accounts on legit paid survey sites (they should never ask you for a credit card number), and fill out your personal profiles completely. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of being selected to participate. Have a dedicated email address for your surveys so you don’t clutter your student email account with non-school messages. And be sure to keep track of new invitations that come in so you can complete the surveys by the deadline date provided.

Point Club Online Paid Surveys

Point Club offers our participants the ability to earn points for surveys, which can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. One of the most appealing reasons why our members love us is that we offer points even when surveys are not fully completed.

We understand that college life can be hectic and sometimes things come up, so we don’t penalize our members for not being able to finish. Open your free online member account today and start making money with paid online surveys!


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