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Welcome to PointClub Frequently asked questions!

This is where you can find PointClub’s most frequently asked questions! If you don’t find what you are looking for please reach out to our Customer Support. 

Popular Questions

Sorry to our international friends. PointsPlus is only available to U.S residents. 

If PointsPlus Rewards goes as well as hoped we will be expanding. 

PointClub has multiple points of verification. In order to play PointsPlus and receive any cash prize we ask you verify your mobile number. 

PointClub does not use your mobile number for anything other than to verify you are in the U.S.

In order to have your first redemption or cash prize redeemed. PointClub mails a check to your U.S. mailing address. 

This helps PointClub verify that you are U.S. resident.

The majority of surveys are intended for individuals living in the United States; however, we do have surveys for people anywhere in the world.

On multiple occasions, your answers were inconsistent with data provided previously in your profile or during the survey process or otherwise indicated you were not providing genuine feedback.

Please contact Support

We follow a weekly distribution model for rewards. Redemptions requested throughout a week are collated and sent ahead for further disbursal to Club members in the immediate/following week.

Checks are available at redemption for first time redeemers. You will also receive a check by mail if you win a prize on PointsPlus Spin to win.


Click a survey tile available on your dashboard. Fill out appropriate answers to the questions displayed in the survey of your choosing.

A survey is a research method used for collecting data from a predefined group of respondents to gain information and insights into various topics of interest.

Surveys can help gauge the representativeness of individual views and experiences.

PointClub, like most legitimate “survey for money” sites, should be considered a source of supplemental or additional income, not a primary source of income.

That being said, your ability to earn will be based on multiple factors such as how often you sign in, your demographic information in comparison to available survey inventory, and final review from our survey requesters. There is no single answer to this question.

PointsPlus Instant win

1863 prizes are available to win per month. Offer end March 26, 2022.

Offer end March 26, 2022. To find out more details check out PointsPlus rules.

Redeeming Rewards

When you have reached the minimum of 25,000 points needed to redeem, a button will appear in the sidebar of your dashboard when you have reached redemption level. If you don’t have enough points. You can navigate to account history that is located on the top of the page. You will be able to find your all your PointClub History.

Once you have reached redemption level of 25,000 pts. You will be able to chose which type of redemption you want. Over 200 gift cards are available. Gift cards will be sent in digital format within 7-10 business days to your PointClub member email.

Instructions are included in the delivery email.

The balance will remain on the card until it is redeemed for a Retail Gift Card or donated to charity.

Once a gift card is purchased we are unable to reverse that purchase of the gift card.

PointClub Points

PointClub points can be earned on all survey completions. Every point is worth .001. If you have 1,000 pts in your account that is the equivalent to $1.00.

While reward points do not technically expire, your ability to redeem them may be affected.

PointClub has the right to terminate existing accounts for infractions against our terms of service, fraud, inappropraite behavior, and if you haven’t logged into and meaningfully interracted with the site for a time exceeding 12 months. If your account is cancelled or deactivated, the points would no longer be available for you to redeem regardless of balance available.

Pending points are points that haven’t been approved yet. Approvals on surveys can take up to 2-6 weeks. Once your survey is approved, the status changes to approved in your account history.

You can view your current approved points, point status, and points needed for redemption by viewing your PointBank on the sidebar of your dashboard.

Minimum 25,000 point threshold.

PointsPlus Tokens

PointsPlus tokens are available to earn as a bonus on selected surveys. Keep your eye out there are only 10 available a day on surveys. These tokens allow you to participate in our PointsPlus 1 million dollar Instant win.

You are able to earn unlimited tokens through completing profiles, completing surveys, verifying your mobile number and verifying your US address. Although you can earn unlimited tokens, you are only able to use 10 tokens a day to play PointsPlus Spin-to-Win.

Once you have earned a token. The button for playing PointsPlus will become available. 

Tokens are worth 2000 points.

My Account

There are many reasons for a user’s account to be suspended, none of them good. If you have no surveys available to you for an extended period of time it is possible your account has been suspended. Please contact for more information, and be certain to include the email you use to log into PointClub with this request.

Fill out your profile questions as best as possible.

You may unsubscribe via or look out for an ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of almost every PointClub email notification.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by sending us an email requesting to unsubscribe you from PointClub.

The personal and demographic information you provide to us when you register and complete your onboarding is used to assist us in sending the most appropriate missions your way. We do not sell member information to outside parties. When you are offered a survey, we do so based on the information we have and with the hopes of a solid match. Because we don’t share your information, you may be asked the same type of demographic information by the survey originator. None of that information is connected to you personally unless the originator asks for your personal information, and you willingly provide it. This isn’t a frequent request, but has happened from time to time. For more detailed information, see our Privacy Policy.

To update your email address, please contact

To update your password, go to your accounts page in your dashboard. An options will appear to change your password. If you are having troubles, please contact

Our website is compatible with all browsers, so you can continue to use whichever you prefer. We do suggest cleaning out your cookies on occasion to assure a better experience.

PointClub is not an app.  but our website is optimized for mobile viewing.