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Top 3 Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer

If you’re looking to make some extra money this summer to save up for a vacation or to pay off some bills, take a look at these 3 jobs that really pay.

#3 Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, & Boarding

Summer is when many people go on vacation. And if they have pets, those animals are going to need to be walked, fed, watered, and played with. Pet sitting sites and apps are aplenty, making it super easy to get listed on a site that connects you with potential clients in your local area.

You will need to have several things in place before you can qualify to sign up with one of these service providers:

  1. Flexible Hours
  2. References
  3. Background Check
  4. Fully-Completed Profile

Although profiles must be approved first by the service provider, once approved, you can start working right away and make up to $1000 a month (according to Rover also points out that a sitter who offers boarding in their home makes more than twice the money of regular sitters.

If you work from home and are also an animal lover, you can make extra money providing walking, sitting, boarding, or doggy daycare services. Check with your local city about rules for conducting business in your home, as some cities require a business license to do so.

#2 Driving for Uber, Lyft or Other Similar Service

At any moment in the day, someone within driving distance likely needs a ride. This is especially true in populated metropolitan areas. Why not offer rides and make some extra cash?

Getting hired as a driver for Uber, for example, requires a few prerequisites such as:

  1. Current Driver’s License
  2. Recent Photo for Driver’s Profile
  3. Proof of Auto Insurance
  4. Clean Driving Record
  5. Pass a Criminal Background Check
  6. Vehicle Must Fit Within Age Guidelines
  7. You Must Be Over 21 (or 23 depending on the city)
  8. Must Have 3+ Years Experience Behind the Wheel
  9. Your Car Must Have Four Doors
  10. Vehicle Must Pass a Safety & Mechanical Inspection

Check with your auto insurance provider to make sure that they don’t have a “work exclusion” on your policy. What that means is that some carriers will not pay for damages or injuries if you use your car for work purposes (deliveries, driving others around, etc.).

However, this could be remedied with the driving app you choose to work for (i.e., Uber covers drivers with their own policy). Make sure you iron out your insurance coverage before you start driving!

#1 Get Paid For Online Surveys

Online paid survey jobs are a great option for those who work 40 hours a week, go to school full time, or are only available at off hours. All you need is a reliable internet connection, an email account, and a device. Free online paid surveys require you to fill out a profile telling the company as much about your interests, demographics, and spending habits as you can.

This might seem intrusive, but this data can help them to find you the best paying surveys that you’ll find fun and interesting to complete. If you want to get paid to do online surveys, our advice is to sign up with multiple sites to increase your chances of getting selected for survey jobs. More surveys = more money in your pocket.

Point Club is the only online survey site that offers its members points, even if they are unable to complete their survey. Join for free today and start getting paid!


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