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Best Ways to Make Money As A Teen

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows teenagers from 14 years to work and earn wages. The working hours, labor intensity, and remuneration vary with age and environment. For example, the duration you take on someone’s company or employment as a minor is different from how long you can work in a family business. Sometimes the best ways to make money as a teen are actually doing the work

Even without employment or family businesses, the options for making money as a teen are countless. First, technological advancement has made it easy to make money even without leaving the house. Several apps, including YouTube, Tik Tok, and Survey platforms like PointClub, are some directions to consider. Here are some lucrative ideas to start making money as a teen.

Best ways to make money as a teen

Why Should You Make Money as a Teenager?

Having your own money means you can pay for your needs without waiting on your parents or guardians. Similarly, making money as a teenager means you can prepare for your future. The few bucks you’re effortlessly saving as a teenager can pile into millions of dollars by the time you retire. 

Benefits of Making Money as a Teenager?

Working as a teenager makes it easy to currently sort out a section of your needs. Likewise, starting a side-hustle young gives you the skills you’ll need in formal employment later. So, here are some benefits of making money as a teen.

Teaches You Balance

Balancing work, family, and personal life is often a struggle among many adult employees. Making money as a teen and juggling your studies, time with friends, and personal hobbies can be tough. Thus, the activity helps you learn how to set priorities, follow schedules, and balance your time.

Making Money as a Teen Gives You Valuable Work Experience

There are several ways to make money as a teen and ways that can align with the field you want to pursue as a career. Involving yourself in such activities gives you the experience you’ll need later in your job. They also equip you with practical working ethics and the intra- or interpersonal skills you’ll need in your career. 

Allows You To Build Confidence in a Work Enviroment

Working as a teen familiarizes you with the employment life and builds your confidence. That way, your first day in an office as an adult employee won’t feel like a whole new experience. In result, you’ll have gotten used to having a boss around you and working alongside colleagues.

Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen

The options to work as a teen are endless. Many teens love the idea of choosing their own career paths, but are hesitant to commit for fear of making a mistake or delaying an opportunity. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do as a career yet. But, there are still many options for you. Here are some alternatives to picking a match: 


Babysitting is one of the most available options you can use to make money as a teen. Many parents are busy and have little to no time to watch over their kids. So, take advantage of that and look after their kids at a fee.

Babysitters make up to $10 per hour, with some receiving up to $3 hourly per additional child. and that can be a good amount for a teen. 

First, think of your friends or family that can use this service. But, if you have no friends, platforms like and can be excellent start-up points.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting comes in handy if you love pets or aren’t good with kids. Many pet parents are always looking for people who can take care of their furbabies when they’re out of town. 

It can include walking the dog, staying with the pet for a day, or looking after them for a few days. But the amount you make depends on the duration you’ll care for the pet and the tasks involved (feeding, bathing, walking, etc.). Check to start.

Mowing Lawns

A beautiful landscape is the dream of every homeowner. But, not everyone has the time to dedicate to maintaining the beauty of their yards. Walk around your neighborhood to find homeowners you can help with lawn mowing at a fee, this is a start to making money as a teen. 

Sell Your Clothes Online

Humans are active buyers. But, sometimes, you end up purchasing things you don’t even require. A good example is your closet, truly. Also, it’s possible that you only wear 20% of the clothes in your wardrobe. 

Take the outfits you no longer use and post them for sale on various platforms. In fact, facebook Marketplace is a great place to begin.

Become a Personal Assistant

Becoming a personal assistant (PA) is one of the best ways to make money online as a teen. Because you only need a little skills training to begin working. Virtual assistants help their employers set meetings, reply to messages, and are more like physical personal assistants. To start you can YouTube videos and online courses since these are great resources if you need the skills for this job.

How to Make Money as a Teen

There are more ways you can consider alongside the alternatives above. Also, downloading different applications, Vlogging, and answering surveys are some options if you prefer working from home.

Take Surveys

Surveys offer an excellent option to make money online as a teen because you can take them in the comfort of your own home. Most survey platforms offer free registration and if they are not, stay away.

For instance, our platform, PointClub, offers paid surveys, free gift cards, and points you can redeem for check or via PayPal. To start earning, register for free and begin tackling different tasks. Your total earnings depend on the length and number of tasks you complete.

Making money as a teen offers an excellent way to plan your life and take care of your current needs. Also, the opportunities sharpen your skills and give you the experience you need for your future employment. To wrap up, the options discussed in this article are a great starting point.

PointClub is an excellent alternative if you find surveys suitable. Register for free here and start earning in the comfort of your home.

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