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What is PointClub, Guide to Earning Money With Paid Surveys

What is PointClub

At PointClub our members love our surveys and earn lots of points from them. We take pride in offering fun surveys because we pay well and offer easy ways to get rewarded for your time. Learn more about what we do, the different types of surveys we offer and how we pay our members! Get ready, because let’s meet PointClub has a lot to offer.

How to Start Earning on PointClub

5,000 Point ($5) Sign Up Bonus

PointClub is a great way to earn free rewards online. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it because who doesn’t love free money. You will get a free 5,000 point sign up bonus when you confirm your email. In result, that’s $5 in your pocket. 

Fill Out All Your Profiles

Profiles are important when it comes to online survey sites. The more profiles you fill out the better chance you have at qualifying for surveys that actually apply to your interests. Companies look for specific demographics for their surveys. So this is important when it comes to earning online with PointClub.

For example, a narrow survey audience might look like this: People who live in the Eastern U.S. and have used an electric room heater in the last 3 months. If you meet those criteria, you’re more likely to get invited to participate.

Get Paid to Take Surveys

It’s a great way to make money at home, answering online surveys about your opinion on different products and services. Surveys can be 2 minutes to 30 minutes. That means the longer the survey the higher the payout. The points you earn can be transferred into check, PayPal or gift cards.

So, here’s how it works. First, you’ll be invited to a survey. This invitation process is based on the survey host’s (the company who wants the survey done) criteria. The more narrow the audience needs to be or the longer the survey takes, the more points you’ll get.

You Get Points for Participating

At PointClub, we reward members for taking part in online surveys. Which means even if you don’t qualify for a survey you already started you will be rewarded.

The way you get paid to do online surveys on our site is simple. You start a survey and you bank your points in your member account. First, we award some points for just starting a survey. But we also reward the full amount of points for finishing. It’s important to note that we’re the only survey site that rewards points for incomplete or abandoned surveys.

Play to Earn

Lastly you can play games to earn money. PointsPlus games let you earn points and checks. Available to all U.S Residents is PointsPlus games. With the PointClub play to earn model you can earn tokens on special surveys you complete. Each token gets you one game play. Prizes vary from $1-$1,000. That’s free money for you to earn. Who doesn’t love that?

How Much Does Point Club Pay?

Each of our surveys pays an average of 200 to 2000+ points. The higher paying surveys either take longer to complete or require a very narrow audience. Each point is worth $.0001, so it takes 1000 points to earn one dollar. The survey host must approve surveys before points are awarded to your member account. This usually takes about two to four weeks.

Join PointClub Today

We’re 100% free to join. Once you reach 25,000 ($25)  threshold, your points can be traded in for gift cards, PayPal, or by Check.

See how rewarding our surveys are by signing up today!

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