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Why Surveys are Important to a Company’s Success

If you’ve ever wondered why companies are willing to pay people to take their surveys, you’re not alone. It seems so much easier to look at what other successful companies are doing…and duplicate the formula.

But surveys have become an integral part of how smart, modern companies conduct business. There are many more buyers today than just a few decades ago. Plus, with online shopping and the ability to read and leave reviews about products and services, every company must do their best to beat out the competition.

…And surveys can help them do exactly that.

Purchasing Behaviors

Discovering the reasons why a buyer decided to make a purchase is of utmost importance to companies. Purchasing behaviors can tell a company a lot about why their product or service was most appealing to that customer.

Here are some of the most important behaviors that surveys can uncover:

  • Was the item or service priced better?
  • Did it have features that others didn’t?
  • Were online reviews a deciding factor in the purchase?
  • If a purchase wasn’t made, why not?
  • How can the current product or service be improved upon?

Easy Deployment

Offering online surveys makes it super easy for respondents to access them, answer the questions, and submit the completed questionnaire. Surveys can be done confidentially between the respondent and the survey sponsor. This privacy factor is a big reason why many respondents are attracted to online surveys versus leaving public reviews; they feel comfortable giving truthful answers about their experience.

Analysis = Improvement

When all is said and done, survey answers can be analyzed to help companies find patterns, which will uncover buying behaviors. Also of value is discovering people’s opinions about the product or service they tried. These criticisms can be turned into a constructive way to make improvements, which will refine the company’s offerings and boost profits.

Specific Feedback

Unlike looking at online reviews or emails from existing customers, a survey allows companies to hone in on the type of information they need to collect. The more specific the question, the more pointed the improvements can be when it comes time to reacting to the survey answers.

Paying People for Their Time

People like to get paid for online surveys, plain and simple. The best paid online surveys will offer rewards like points, gift cards, cash, PayPal credit, or actual items. The most convenient part about online surveys is that they can be done anywhere, on any mobile device, and at any time of the day. This freedom is very appealing for those who are looking to have a say in the evolution of the products and services they enjoy most.

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