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Identifying Survey Scams

Identifying Survey Scams

 Are you a frequent survey taker and worried about survey scams? Do you want to know what the best method to find legitimate paid surveys is? Identifying Survey Scams can be tricky. We’ll teach you how to spot and avoid survey scams. We want you to take part in legitimate surveys to help make money and be rewarded for your opinions.

What is a Survey Scam?

Survey scams are a common tactic used by criminals to trick you into sharing your personal information so they can use it for malicious purposes.

Scammers use these surveys to gather your personal information and then use it to commit identity theft, otherwise known as phishing. Typically, unsuspecting victims will receive a message which will ask them to participate in a survey via phone or email, which they then complete. Most people realize that surveys do not usually result in monetary compensation. Many also will still participate in order to get gift cards or other promotional offers.

How Online Survey Scams Hurt Consumers

Online survey scams are often aimed at consumers who are more likely to provide personal data, such as credit card information, social security numbers and bank account details. Many of these schemes take the form of a fake survey that requires you to enter this sort of information in order to submit it. Resulting in identity theft or theft in general.

Identifying Survey Scams and What to Look For

There are villains lurking around every corner just waiting to catch you off guard. In your quest to expand your online survey options, I must caution you to be on the lookout for scams. Remember this: PC FIT = Privacy. Contact. Fee. Income. Testimonials.

Look at the Privacy policy

So, I’m going to start off with my number one recommendation and the thing you should do first. Look at the panel’s website. Do they have a privacy policy posted anywhere? If they do, it won’t tell you if they’re going to sell your information or not, but it will give you some idea of how seriously they take their customer information and how well you can expect your data to be handled

Contact methods 

When identifying survey scams check and see if there’s a support email or contact form. You want to be sure that, when you need help, you can get it in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

See if There is a Fee required 

Yes, online panels will ask you all sorts of questions for your profile, but they should not be asking for your credit card information. Any panel that asks for your credit card information should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


The best thing about the internet is everything is in one place. You are able to check online reviews of the site before you commit to it. If the reviews aren’t good, keep your options open.

Watch Out for Survey Scams

As a survey taker, it’s important to remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t let your desire to do more surveys and make more money be your kryptonite and let you fall victim to the survey scam. Have standards, play hard to get, and never give out any personal information unless you know who you’re dealing with. Use caution and common sense when participating in online surveys.

Find a Legit Survey Site

 If you want a reliable survey option and not a survey scam, you have come to the right place. We have contact information, a privacy policy and good reviews. Check out PointClub if you’re looking for a best online survey site!

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