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PointsPlus 1 Million

We’re excited to bring you PointsPlus 1 Million!

We’ve been working hard to improve the PointClub experience for our Clubber participants. You said you wanted surveys and games. Well, guess what? We gave you both! PointClub presents to you a chance to win 1 Million Dollars.

What would you do with a 1 million dollars?

PointsPlus 1 Million:

Well, it is the best of both worlds. You can still earn points by completing the paid surveys on your survey dashboard, but you also can earn our PointsPlus tokens, get it? “Points-plus-tokens.” I know, we’re pretty creative over here. These tokens will be ready for you to earn on specially selected surveys. You can only earn ten tokens on surveys a day on your PointClub dashboard, so keep your eyes peeled!

PointClub introduces PointsPlus

Even though you can only earn ten tokens on surveys a day, PointsPlus offers tokens on bonus opportunities, like confirming your email, profile questions, and when your referred friend completes their first survey.

OK, so, you’ve always been earning points, now you’re also earning tokens. This means you’re making progress Clubber!

But, Whats next?

The best part is, these tokens allow you to play exciting games. Yes, I said games!

After, you earn the PointsPlus token, you can use that token to play Spin-to-Win and Tic-Tac-Toe. Spin-to-Win gives you over 450 Monthly cash prizes from $1.00 to $1000.00. This is quick cash earned and mailed to you by check! Here’s the kicker — in Spin-to-Win, if you spin and land on “Chance at 1 Million dollars,” you move onto PointsPlus Tic-Tac-Toe and play for a chance of winning 1 million dollars! Oh yeah, I meant that when I said it. 1 MILLION DOLLARS IS UP FOR GRABS! 

Who doesn’t want to win 1 million dollars?

So, what would you do with the a million dollars? Get going, there is a million dollars on the line, Clubbers!

Head to our Rewards Lounge and see what our members are winning by playing PointsPlus 1 Million Dollar game!

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  1. I will have greater oppurtunity to be a millionaire not a millionaire but multi millionaire coz i will convert it to our currency. That means alot of money for me.

  2. This sounds awesome, even before the million bucks. I am more likely to win the 1.00$ prize, but it would still be a win, right. You aren’t changing the animation, though, right?

  3. I screwed that up. I said right too much and didn’t punctuate correctly. Please don’t post that.

  4. Great ideal, I can’t wait however, I registered since first of September up till now am yet to get my first survey though I always log in to the platform daily

  5. what would i do with all that money pay off my bills first cus i have not been working and i am raising my 3 spacial needs grand kids and i would take the kids on a trip and help my son and daughter i would like 2 open a home 4 unwed mothers that needs help 2 keep there kids with them

  6. Nothing to add, is great opportunity for improvement to the next.
    I want to win 1 million dollars

  7. I’m not having much luck with survey’s. Getting discouraged & I’m being honest. However this article is helpful because now I know there are mors ways I can earn stuff. Thanks I do like it so far.

  8. This is great news. I belong to 5 different survey groups. I rank you # 3 and climbing. One thing I think is a must is to lower your paypal reward. It is too high.

  9. I haven’t been getting any surveys so now I have a million dollars to look forward to, Thats great.

  10. I would like to participate any surveys and earn million dollars for me and my family.

  11. I believe that I will win 1 million of dollars with help of great POINTCLUB’S COMMAND.

  12. Sounds great! Thank you! I would buy each of my 3 children a home. I’d buy my husband and I a new home, pay both of our mountains of medical bills, I’d buy my husband a ’69 Mustang, and myself a 69 Chevelle.??

  13. I will be glad to take part on this game 1millon win …nice idea cos have been waiting all day and night to take even a single survey since the day I joined this community.

  14. Am really great to be here and to be a partaker of this $1m win I wish am a winner and the whole wide world will hear this.

  15. Wowie!!! Sounds Awesome!!! Be Thrilled and scream for an excitement Win a million Dollars.Would buy me a home,car,help family,friends and animals that need pay bills and medical bills off.

  16. I would fix my super steep dangerous driveway .needs it badly,cause winter time almost go over the hill.Get me&my son a car,ours is old an pay bills,medical and credit help care for some these stray pets people drop sad things people do.Be a Blessing for my family, you would hear us scream with excitement for sure.

  17. Thanks for all you’s do love yohr company.I would fix my awful drive for others visit more,buy a car for my husband& son theirs are really off credit cards and medical help care for pets being dumped,so help my son,who just got married,and also my daughter in another state with my Grandson.It would be a Huge Blessing to us and be super thrilled.

  18. Very exciting. However I should be satisfied with whatever comes through. Even if nothing comes through I will not be disappointed, as playing is a thrill and I have nothing to loose

  19. I am loving that 1 million bucks could get me out of debt with plenty of money left over too.

  20. Can’t wait! I hope I win $1000000 we will all have a good time & do great things with it.

  21. Sounds like fun. I would be delighted to win just $1! Please don’t change too much about PointClub! I love the fun characters, graphics, and…well, the whole site. Can’t wait to play!

  22. I really do enjoy the surverys there very brain opening so too speak n I like doing them …????

  23. With the million I would buy me a new car because mine will be 22 years old in Feb. And help my family out

  24. Wow massive money
    If I have one million dollar
    I will grow my little business and help my poor family and friends and the helpless
    God bless you

  25. I could sure use a new truck. The one I have has,350,000 miles on and is getting less and less reliable.

  26. This money would be spent wisely fix bad drive,fix few strays roaming around,get a car,home,pay medical bills need badly done and help family& friends in need.Thanks,PointClub for All You’s Do for us all,Much Appreciated.

  27. Pointclub is best site of the world i like it this site this is site given many chance of earning help fature earn

  28. thanks for giving me this previlage to be a partaker of this Winning strick I pray that i will come out with flying colours in this 1 million dollar winning.

  29. Wow I think this is GREAT. I wish everyone luck in winner but I would love to win and I would be able to stop worrying about things like I do now. I would pay off all my debt and also my daughters. Again good luck and I REALLY love being a member of PointClub.

  30. it would help me to realize my project I would like to offer to my inhabitants a good restaurant and a mini library to help the students and the pupils of the region to be cultivated attention who eat well read well

  31. OOh this sounds exciting and I can’t wait to get started. I sure could use the money or any fun savings. Thanks for announcing something new for us.

  32. Winning any amount of money would be very nice, but becoming a millionaire would be a dream come true. I could think of paying off my mortgage, all my outstanding credit card bills and getting a second apartment and still having a bit more left in my savings to invest……A dream come true!!!!!

  33. I really feel it’s inspirational the way everybody is excited and hopeful to want and to try to win $1000000 I would say it would probably be an amazing feeling to actually be able to win $1000000 and I don’t know what I would actually do with it at first if I had it I know I wouldn’t keep much of it because money don’t make me happy you got to have a little to get by with but I would share it with everyone else so they could smile along with me so good luck to everyone but I’m going to win it haha just pulling your leg you know

  34. Oh, god… sure, I want. I would really like to be the winner. One million dollars. It would be great. I will buy my house, at list.

  35. If it’s happen! I would be the first person to advertise you to the world and present the good news to the world cos it a huge capital!!!!!!!

  36. All sounds amazeing,hopefully we get more surveys with points.million be great pay bills,help my son where hes unable to work and help my Daughter to and our Grandson

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