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Legitimate Paid Online Surveys That Pay

Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

There are a lot of good paying survey sites out there. But how do you know which ones are the best? With so many options, things can get a little confusing. Have you ever come across a survey site that looks like it has all the right answers, but then they ask you to pay to cash out? Before we get started on how to find legitimate paid online surveys, let’s first cover some basics about what a survey scam looks like.

Here are some tips on how to find trusted online paid survey sites.

Legit Online Paid Surveys

Do They Charge to Join?

Time and again, we hear stories about people who paid money to sign up with an online survey company only to find out that they’ve been scammed. Legitimate paid online surveys (as well as in-person panels and focus groups) will never charge you to take surveys. 

Valid sites will never charge, so steer clear of anyone who asks for credit card information or a “small fee” to have the privilege of taking their surveys.

How Much Will You Get Paid?

Top paid online survey sites are truthful and upfront about what you can expect to receive for payment. Some companies award gift cards, points, or money for your participation.

A red flag to look for is when you are promised an unreasonably high reward for participation. For example, getting a $100 gift card for a 5-minute survey just doesn’t logically add up. Taking surveys is not a “get rich quick” scheme; it’s a way to make a little here and there, which adds up over time.

How Much Time Will You Have to Spend on Surveys?

Surveys, panel discussions, and focus groups can vary depending on how much information the sponsoring company needs from participants. For example, some might take 5-minutes and reward a $10 gift card, while others may take an hour and award $50.

In-person focus groups and panels will usually pay more than online surveys, but the survey company will inform you ahead of time about how much you’ll get and how much time it will take.

Can Kids and Teens Participate?

Absolutely! There are plenty of surveys and focus groups that test kid’s toys and snack products aimed at a younger audience. Teens might be needed to test out a new feature on a smartphone, a video game controller, or to comment on a new line of athletic shoes.

These types of activities can be fun and lucrative for kids and teens, but we do caution that a parent or guardian should always be present, whether doing the survey online or in person. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your children!

Do Online Paid Surveys Really Work?

When you do your research and keep the above tips in mind, you can have a very positive experience doing online paid surveys. One of the best paid online surveys involves getting paid even if you are unable to complete it.

Most sites will not give you anything unless you complete the survey. At Point Club, however, we pay you a certain number of points even if you don’t finish. Why do we do this? Because sometimes the internet connection fails or something important comes up…and we believe in rewarding our loyal participants just for trying.

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