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Types of Surveys that Can Make Life More Fun

Types of Surveys

Surveys can be fun, but many people even forget that they are there. There are some really fun types of surveys available on the internet. Survey companies want you to feel good when you do a survey and make it a fun experience for you.

The following fun survey ideas can make life richer, so read on and let us know which survey types you will enjoy most.

7 Types of Survey Methods


Interviews are still one of the most popular types of survey methodologies. Researchers like in-person surveys because they involve getting face-to-face with individuals. Of course, this method of surveying may seem antiquated when today we have online surveying at our fingertips. However, interviews still serve a purpose and can help us learn more about certain populations such as minorities who may be hard to reach through other methods.

Focus Groups

Conducting focus groups in-person has its advantages over other types of surveys. Focus groups are often conducted in-person. They allow a number of people to offer their opinions about something, such as new products or hot-button topics. Unlike an online survey where you do most everything on your own computer, a focus group involves interacting with other people in person. This can be informative and fun!

Panel Sampling

Panel surveys generally take a bit longer to recruit than other types of survey methods. However, the benefit is that you can be assured that each survey-taker who participates has signed up specifically to participate in your survey. This could make a big difference in your research if you’re gathering feedback on complex or sensitive topics. After all, when someone has volunteered to take a survey, they’re usually more open and honest with their answers than they might be otherwise!

Telephone Surveys

Telephone survey research allows researchers to conduct detailed interviews through random digit dialing. These types of surveys provide instant feedback and do not require any written responses. People can share their opinions in real time while they are participating in the interview process.

Mail-In Surveys

Mail surveys have the lowest cost per response of any research option. There is no need for complicated software or data entry and it may be the only option if you are unable to reach potential respondents electronically. This type of survey is mailed right to your door step! 

Kiosk Surveys

In-store surveys are perfect for capturing real-time consumer insights. They provide immediate feedback following a purchase or an interaction. This makes their judgment is more trustworthy. This type of survey is useful in customer satisfaction, marketing and competitive intelligence research projects.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys can make your life more fun. With internet access in almost every home, and millions of users who have signed up to share their opinions with big companies, you’re going to find people willing to give you their thoughts on just about anything through surveys.

The internet allows companies to reach a much bigger audience. You can find many surveys sites by doing a simple google search. 

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