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Tips for Survey Success

Seeing as I am a successful superhero, I thought I’d share some advice for survey success for my faithful PointClubbers. Check out my suggestions and see if they lead you down the path to victory and sweet, sweet rewards.

Be honest. One of the quickest ways to get disqualified from a survey is to lie. Being disqualified is not exactly what I’d call successful now is it? So it’s pretty obvious that in order to be successful with surveys you need to tell the truth.

Be diverse. Try not to limit yourself to one type of survey or even one online panel. Spread your wings and open up more opportunities for yourself. There may be times you are flooded with survey emails and other times it is a drought. If you are a member of several online panels, you might avoid the drought or at least have a bit of an oasis in the midst of the desert. Geez, that’s some metaphor.

Be diligent. Check your email regularly for survey opportunities. The law of averages suggests that the more surveys you take the higher the odds you will increase your rate of success. It is also an excellent idea to keep your profile information up to date and accurate.

Be active. Since surveys sometimes have a quota for certain demographics you’ll want to get to surveys quickly. Also, some online panels will send you screening surveys to find out which participants are active and reliable. Take these short, sometimes unpaid surveys; these will lead you to the paid surveys you are hankering for.

Be prepared. Not every survey is going to pan out. Sometimes you just don’t qualify for whatever reason and that is ok. Chin up, bucko and move on to the next one! It’s going to take some time and dedication. Not much in this life comes easily. If it does, there must be a catch.

There isn’t really much to it. You just put in as much time and energy as you want. Part of your success will depend on how much you are willing to work.

Work hard. Earn hard, PointClubbers!

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