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Get Paid to Take Surveys and Make Money Online

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Imagine how good it would feel to know that your opinion influences the world around you. Now, imagine how good it would feel to get paid in return for those opinions. Too good to be true? PointClub doesn’t think so!

Get paid to take surveys with PointClub and get rewarded for your opinion! Earn points that you can redeem for gift cards, PayPal, or check! It really is that simple.

Here’s how it works.

How Do Paid Surveys Sites Work?

Paid surveys offer gift cards or point payouts in exchange for answering a few questions. The number of questions you answer depends on the survey selection; this also determines the amount of payment. 

PointClub values your time, so even if you’re not a match for a specific survey, you may receive a bonus for participation – so you can’t go wrong!

What Type of Paid Online Surveys Can I Take?

Online surveys ask questions about anything under the sun. This includes categories like fashion, beauty, sports, and television. You may even find surveys about products you already use! The number of surveys available in these categories depends on market research. The more popular a category is, the more surveys you’ll find.

How Much Will I Earn?

Online surveys are a fun way to earn spare money or gift cards from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else! Every survey has its own specified payout.

Our surveys range from 2 to 30 minutes, with a point value ranging from 200 to 7000! To get an idea, 1000 points equals $1.00. So, if you take 5 surveys worth 1000 points each, you’ll earn $5.00.

Where Are These Surveys Coming From?

Companies use paid surveys to gain consumer insight on products and services they’re looking to launch or have currently launched. They rely on your input to help them move forward in production, halt altogether, or make adjustments before taking their products to market. Yes, your opinion really is this important! And the more detailed you are in an online survey, the more it helps these companies to gain better insight and craft better products.

How Do I Make Money Online?

Before you get started, you’ll need to create an online account using your email address and a strong password. Use this information to log in and access your personal dashboard and points. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll gain access to a ton of surveys! Fill out your profile fully for access to more surveys and begin earning tokens and points right away. 

Redeem your points for PayPal, check, or gift cards from major department stores like Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Tokens can be used for PointsPlus game plays where you could win prizes of up to $1,000! It’s never been more rewarding to get paid to take surveys online!

And the best part is – PointClub surveys are accessible anytime, all you need is a good internet connection.

Are Survey Websites Legit?

PointClub carefully filters through every survey – before they get to you – to ensure their trustworthiness. This way, you can rest assured that our surveys are 100% legit. We curate surveys from brands all around the world and provide them with reliable information from participants like you! Remember, you’ll never need sensitive information like your Social Security number or credit card number to get started on any PointClub survey.

How Do I Get Started?

Get paid to take surveys in minutes! Start by creating a new account with your email address and a newly created password. Once your account is up and running you’ll have immediate access to your PointClub account. 

Don’t have a computer? No problem, download the PointClub shortcut on your Android or Apple device using these easy instructions:

Android Users:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and go to
  2. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner), then tap “Add to home screen.” (see reference photo)
  3.  Enter a name for the shortcut – if you choose – then Chrome will add it. 

iOS Users:

  1.            Open Safari and go to
  2.            Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen (see reference photo), then tap “Add to home screen.”
  3.            When the window opens displaying the name of the site, URL, and icon, Tap “Add” in the upper right corner. 

After that, just find a comfortable seat at home, in your car, at the park, or on the beach, and get started right away. We never run out of surveys and your opinions are always welcomed. 

Why Should I Take PointClub Online Surveys?

PointClub gives you access to thousands of paid surveys with new surveys added each day. Businesses around the world rely on your answers to help them make important decisions. You are a true influencer! Every answer you provide works in unison with other survey takers to change the retail and manufacturing landscapes worldwide.

Get paid to take surveys on your terms! All you need is an internet connection! Complete as many or as few surveys as you’d like and rack up your points and tokens! Millions of active users take surveys on our platform daily, making PointClub the best way to make money by taking surveys online. 

Your time is valuable, and we never want you to miss out on getting paid. So, even if you attempt a survey that you’re not qualified for, PointClub may reward you. In turn, your points rack up, bolstering you closer to your payday! The minimum redemption for PayPal, gift cards, or check is 25,000 points ($25). 

And the benefits don’t stop here.

Get paid to take surveys online and play Spin-to-Win! Every month we give away over 1800  prizes worth thousands of dollars in our PointsPlus Spin-to-Win game! To qualify, take surveys and earn tokens. US Residents, cash your tokens in for a chance to Win-or-Spin the Wheel. There’s no limit on the number of tokens you can earn in a day, and you can spend up to 10 daily. 

Don’t have tokens? We have you covered. Tokens can be purchased with points: 1 token = 2,000 points. Earn additional 1,000 points for each friend you refer that completes their first validsurvey! 

Businesses all over the world are waiting for your valued opinion. So, what are you waiting for? Join PointClub and get paid to take surveys today. All you need is the internet and an opinion. 

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