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Earn rewards from Passive Monitoring

Ok, so passive monitoring. This is as low energy as it gets for being a respondent in market research. All you do is just go about your business. Surf the internet, check your email, watch your videos, play your games. So how is all of this part of doing market research you might ask?

With passive monitoring, you simply download an app onto your phone or a program onto your computer and it tracks all of your activity. Everything you do is monitored, but passively; the app or program just runs in the background.

What is so great about this? The feedback is more accurate since the program or app is doing all of the data recording. It is not merely relying on the respondent’s memory or honesty. I know I am not the only one who knows people who tend to embellish their stories. The same thing happens with respondents. Some of them can’t help themselves and inflate their income or they just want the information to sound better, so they shine it up real nice.

Now, some of you Clubbers are thinking, “Woah, Captain. They are going to track everything I do on my phone or computer. Every site I visit; every Instagram account I look at. This seems a bit creepy. Kind of like Big Brother is watching my every move!”

If you’re a paranoid person, this might not be the best option for you. It will likely increase your paranoia and drive you batty. Those of you who do not harbor any extra paranoia or just don’t care, might be interested in this aspect of market research. These monitoring apps can also take a toll on your battery life for your phone.

So how do you earn from this? Good question! Depending on the host and what they are looking for or how long the monitoring will last will impact how much you earn. Some of the passive monitoring apps can earn you $1 a week, while another can earn you as much as $100 for the year. You can also run some of these programs at the same time which increases your earning potential.

Keep earning, Point Clubbers!

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