Your Opinion, Rewarded

I used my money from PointClub to…

Sheryl E.

Red Creek, New York

Buy a new raincoat I had my eyes on for a long time, and timing was everything. I got the gift card and my raincoat was on sale, so I only had to pay a small amount out of my pocket for the remainder balance 🙂

Image from member Alanna W.

Alanna W.

Sparta, Tennessee

Buy special things for my family. I earned enough to get a computer for my kids at Christmas just by doing some surveys and that was awesome!

Dianna C.

Tempe, Arizona

Save it up for a special incentive or purchase. Sometimes I use it to pay something off, and sometimes I just transfer it straight to my savings account. Last year I did some big (and costly) races (triathlons) and this helped me with entry fees and gear.

Image from member Fred R.

Fred R.

Medford, Oregon

Save up Cabelas gift cards so I could get a premium St. Croix Salmon rod. It can stand up to the stress of the larger Salmon. Thanks Point Club!

Image from member Stacey J.

Stacey J.

Holiday, Florida

Purchase a Batman walker for my grandson. He loves it and I love that the money didn’t come out of my bank account!

Image from member Sherry B.

Sherry B.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pay for a brand new HVAC system, which is now saving me money monthly on my utility bills!

Chris J.

Davenport, Iowa

Buy myself special cigars or a lighter. I kind of reward myself for all of the time I spend doing the surveys and the surveys are actually very fun for me.

Grace J.

Bellingham, Washington

Buy Starbucks! It’s a daily luxury to buy a coffee, and PointClub rewards have allowed me to not spend any additional money on coffee since the new year! It was a resolution to save money by cutting out extra expenses, so this way I can still have coffee!

Image from member Sheryl B.

Scheryl B.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Buy my first grandchild cute clothes like a sleeper with duckies and a blanket & hat with puppy dogs. My luxury gift for myself was awesome smelling body creme.

David S.

Rockledge, Florida

Pay for my video games (such as my PS plus and for gold on my Xbox). It helps me to keep my show going and makes money for me as well

Image from member Shaina S.

Shaina S.

Lansing, Michigan

Go out to dinner at Olive Garden. With the reward dinner was nearly free which was very nice. My fiancé was impressed I got a gift card for doing this.

Jeremy S.

Mcdonough, Georgia

Help buy things that are out of my budget. With PointClub I can buy things without feeling guilt or interfering with my expenses.

Sheila P.

Texarkana, Texas

Pay off whatever needs to be taken care of. I am retired and sometimes I need more gas for the car than I planned or groceries. Right now I am trying to save for a new smartphone since my current phone is 4 years old. The cash from Pointclub will help that along nicely.

Frank L.

West Bloomfield, Michigan

Take my wife out to dinner at one of her favorite local restaurants. It deducted a good amount off of our final bill so we left feeling that we didn't splurge too much.

Image from member Laura W.

Laura W.

Klamath Falls, Oregon

I use the funds I get from PointClub to help pay my rent, because I’m unemployed and very poor. My goal is to eventually be financially solvent, hopefully within another year, and every little bit helps.

Amy H.

Elliston, Montana

Get things that I would not usually buy, but really wanted. For example, I started doing some swimming with my workouts. My eyes hurt from the water, so with my PointClub reward, I ordered swimming goggles. Now my eyes don't bother me at all. It is nice to do something special for myself, no matter how small, especially since my finances are very focused.

Image from member Laurie C.

Laurie C.

Warrens, Wisconsin

Help feed all of the cats I have rescued! I love doing the surveys, and I look forward to seeing what new fun is on the site every day.

Jodie P.

San Antonio, Texas

Pad my bank account for future travels, airfare, souvenirs, meals and activities. PointClub has been a wonderful experience as I love giving my opinions 😉 and getting paid for it is a huge bonus.

Sandra E.

Lake Dallas, Texas

I got a target gift card . I just love Target. They have lots of trendy items. That time i purchased a frame and 2 small succulents. I just moved in to a new home so these were great decor.

Sharon C.

Olney, Maryland

Splurge on a pair of Felco pruners. I typically would not have spent $50 on a pruner, but I treated myself. After all, I earned it, courtesy of PointClub!