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Do’s and Don’ts of Survey Taking

So you’ve come to the survey stud seeking advice? Well, I’ve got just what you need. Here are some pointers for my PointClubbers!

Be honest — Now, we’ve talked about this and you know how your Captain feels about honesty. I know a nice lady with a Lasso of Truth and she’s not afraid to use it. But seriously, lying can get you banned and you would forfeit any points or rewards you have earned. Talk about a bummer, man!

Be attentive — Just as you hang on every word I utter, so should you read every question carefully and completely. Companies are looking for your feedback and you should make sure you are paying attention and giving them your true responses. Remember surveys often contain security questions to weed out any robot responders and you don’t want to get disqualified just because something shiny caught your eye and distracted you. Hello goldfish!

Set up a specific email for survey opportunities — This way, you can access all your survey opportunities without the clutter of all the other emails you get but never read.

Fill out your profile — Do you really need me to explain this one?! Come on, just do it; fill out your profile. How else can I use my superpowers to match you to the best opportunities?

Refer your friends — Share the love. If you are having a fantastic experience with a certain panel, *Cough* PointClub.*Cough*, tell your friends. There might even be a little bonus in it for you. *Wink*

Keep track of your activity — It’s a good idea to keep track of what surveys you complete, when, and what you earned. Just in case there is ever a discrepancy, you have something to reference, as opposed to just your memory.

Join panels that offer more than just surveys — Look for panels that offer you other ways to earn in addition to surveys. Sweepstakes, Contests, Daily polls. Wouldn’t you know it, PointClub has all these ways to earn and more!

Don’t Rush — There is no prize for completing the survey the fastest. Leave the super speed to the pros. Take your time. Read and process the questions. Give some thought to your responses.

Don’t take surveys to the detriment of your sanity — Survey taking should be fun. Don’t take so many so often that you end up burnt out.

Don’t Pay — Avoid joining panels that require a membership fee or make you pay for “training.” Someone’s spidey sense would be all tingly. True Market Research panels will not require you to pay anything to join. If the panel is asking for your credit card information, it’s a trap!
There you have it folks. Use these pointers and you’ll be invincible, just like me!

Sayonara, PointClubbers!

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