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Tips to Avoid Survey Fatigue

I need my clubbers in tip top shape. I’m not demanding you follow my personal workout regime, but I am hoping you will do what it takes to avoid the dreaded survey fatigue. If you notice you are starting to get a case of the humdrums or that you just aren’t looking forward to the survey opportunities, it’s time to do something about it. Be proactive!

Change your location — Where do you normally set up shop? If you routinely take surveys with your laptop on your cozy couch. Move to the kitchen or dining room table. If the weather is good, head outside. The change of scenery will give you a boost, like when Superman needs a break from Metropolis and zips off to his fortress of solitude. Of, course we won’t mention the duties he’s shirking while he’s hiding out recharging.

Adjust your schedule — Instead of doing surveys late in the evening while you are trying to unwind from a long day. Switch it up. Do a survey while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Or maybe even try a survey while on your lunch break.

Substitution — If possible, swap out which device you are using for the surveys. Use a tablet or other mobile device instead of your home computer or vice versa.

Add some diversity — They say variety is the spice of life. If things are feeling stale like The Joker’s sad attempts at world domination, then take a look at the survey opportunities and branch out to some of the ones you don’t normally lean towards. If you usually stick to travel surveys, check out some product based surveys.

Look away, baby look away! — Don’t forget to take screen breaks. While Cyclops’s laser eyes come in handy in a fight, those protective glasses can’t be comfortable. Make sure to protect your eyes by looking away from the screen, preferably at something in the distance, for a few moments.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by email offers for survey opportunities, remember, you don’t have to attempt every survey that comes your way! Keep it fun. Once it starts to become a chore it might be time for a break.

Deuces, Point Clubbers!

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