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How To Become an At-Home Product Tester

Are you dreaming of working from home and earning great money from the comfort of your sofa? There are many ways you can make a living online in 2022, with an abundance of jobs you can do from your laptop. One of those jobs is at-home product testing. 

In this post, we will explore everything to know about becoming an at-home product tester and how you can get paid to test products at home. We’ll go through all you need to know. This will include what a product tester is, product tester jobs, why it’s beneficial to companies, what an IHUT is, and how it all works. We have a bit to get through, so let’s dive in. 

At-home product testing

What Is an At-Home Product Tester?

Companies commonly refer to at-home product testing as an in-home use test or IHUT. At-home product testing is where a company sends out products not yet on the market to their target audience to get feedback. Many industries do this, including child care, technology, toys, beauty, and food products.

Brands know you’re interested in their products and they want to get feedback from real people who use their products. These brands are sending you their prototype products, along with instructions on how to use the products correctly.  Last, you will need to provide feedback so that you can be paid for your efforts. This compensation can be actual cash, vouchers, or discount codes.

How Much Can You Make as an At-Home Product Tester?

When testing products payment will depend on the type of product, company, and details of the testing assignment, so pay can vary greatly. You may read reports online of people earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars doing this type of online testing. Realistically, you may make between $5 and $25 per test. 

While there are many platforms you can find this type of work, PointClub is a great place to get started. As with many online jobs, as you complete more, you start building a name for yourself and increase your exposure to more jobs.  

So, essentially how much you make is up to you. If it’s just a side hustle, you’ll make a few bucks, but if you commit to it full-time, you could certainly make a living if you are willing to put in the work.

Why It's Important for a Company

This type of product testing is extremely important for any company bringing a product to market. It provides invaluable feedback on how users interact with their new products in real-world situations. 

The key to a successful product launch is market testing. This is the last step before you make your product available to people who are not involved in the development process. It allows you to get feedback and make changes based on what your target audience wants. The goal is to offer the best possible product at launch time, which means you need adequate time during development to conduct market testing.

Companies can also use in-home use testing to see how their products can endure real-world situations. This certainly doesn’t mean you should try and break your product to see how tough it is. Take a children’s toy, for example—that product needs to withstand being dropped, chewed, and thrown around while also being safe for a child to play with. 

User tests not only allow companies to find out everything about their product, they also show the company how it’s used in real life. Sometimes user tests are done in labs. But they do not always yield accurate results. Also, how a company thinks the product will be used is often drastically different from how it’s actually used.  This makes it easier for companies to then modify the product based on your feedback.

As a result, product testing saves companies thousands of dollars in manufacturing and shipping costs while also providing a last chance to make changes and tune things up before going to market. 

How Do IHUTs Work With PointClub?

To take part in an IHUT, you first need to join PointClub. After you join, you will be asked to complete surveys that determine if you are part of the right target audience for a particular testing job.

We are currently seeking out new members to participate in a paid online survey with our research team. If you qualify, you will be asked if you are willing to participate in the testing. Then, provide your mailing address, so they can send the product. Lastly, tell them about your experience with the product and leave any other comments.

With Point Club, companies can pay anywhere between $5 and $25. But it will depend on the exact test and how long a company wants the product tested for. As a result, longer periods of time will pay higher. 

Please note that any information you provide to the testing company is never shared with anyone outside that company. 

Summary – How To Become a Product Tester

Now you know that you can become an at-home product tester. While you won’t become rich as a product tester, you can certainly earn a living as well as get benefits such as money. To summarize, here is how to get paid to test products at home: 

  • Companies need their products tested in real-world situations. 
  • You sign up to Point Club. 
  • You fill out surveys once you’re a Point Club member, which will determine if you are a part of a testing product’s audience. 
  • If suitable, you will be sent a product. 
  • You use the product as usual.  
  • Fill out a feedback questionnaire via email.  
  • Get paid. 

So, Whats next? You can sign up with Point Club now and get paid to test products at home straight away. We hope this post has encouraged you to become the next best product tester, all from the comfort of your home. Happy testing! 

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