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What is a Diary Survey?

Dear Diary:

Once again today, I find myself outsmarted and out maneuvered by the inhumanly perceptive and dashingly handsome Captain PC. Drat! How will I ever find a way to defeat him? He’s always steps ahead of me. Maybe I should give up this life of villainy?

The Swindler

Not the sort of diary you were thinking of?

Well, you’ve hit the bullseye. A diary survey is like a diary in that you are keeping a record on a regular basis. However, a diary survey is not where you are going to record your innermost secret thoughts and hide them from your nosy sibling or parents.

Diary surveys are self-administered over a period of a week or two. Respondents are responsible for recording information regarding whatever the client has requested. Most commonly, diary surveys are looking for reports on purchasing habits or entertainment. There may be other categories that are covered by diary surveys, it just all depends on that client. Do some digging and I’m confident you can find one to suit your interest.

Participants may need to record every purchase made for a specified number of days: food and beverages, personal care products, or other supplies. If it is an entertainment diary survey, the client might need you to record every show/movie watched, on what channel, at what time, and who is also watching.

There is pretty minimal effort to a diary survey, you simply record your habits and then submit them to the client. You don’t have to stray from your normal routine; you are simply documenting it for the benefit of the company and getting paid in return.

Diary surveys help companies note trends in geographic locations or within certain demographics; they can see who is and who isn’t buying certain products, or who is or isn’t watching particular programs.

Peace out, Point Clubbers!

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