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The Scoop on Product Testing

There are some folks out there that like to experiment with new techniques and products. In fact, I know some villains who delight in using innocent people to test out their latest weaponry. Since I know you’re not a villain, but you might like to try new things, may I suggest Product testing?

Who doesn’t love free stuff? The great thing about product testing is you will get samples of products but you might also get full sized items to try. Businesses use product testing when they need to find out what consumers think about products that they currently have in development. Not only does this save businesses time and money, but it gives you the luxury of trying a product without having to commit to purchasing it and you get to share your valued opinion.
If the idea of product testing sizzles your bacon, simply sign up with a brand or company that does at home product testing. You will then receive an email with some screening questions to determine whether you qualify for the testing of a particular product. Once you meet the mark you will need to submit your address so the product can be mailed to your home for testing over the next week or two.

Later on, you will receive a follow up email with questions regarding the listed products. Simply submit your responses and then you will get paid. The amount of money you can earn will vary from company to company. I do want to caution you that you won’t be able to live off of product testing alone; it is just another way to earn some extra dough. Getting the products for free means, that money you aren’t spending can go towards something else. This, my Point Clubbers, is what we call a Win-Win situation. I leave you with some words of warning: as with anything you do, please do your research before jumping in blindly.

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