My favorite fun thing about PointClub is…

I booked a one night stay in Brussels, and had no additional cost because I used the hotel gift card to pay for the room. It was a great deal!

Harold B.
Nashville, Tennessee

I don't really have a favorite thing that I love about Pointclub. I love you guys. For a person like me whose on a fixed income the surveys you provide with the payouts are a big help.

Santiago S.
Phoenix, Arizona

When I first started PointClub, we were very paycheck to paycheck because I was not working at the time. We would use the extra money for things like grocery bills or any big purchases. Now that I am working, we try to stash it away in savings or use for date night.

Lauren P.
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

The extra cash earned with this program has been a real life changer/saver. I am able to purchase things for either what I needed or wanted when I am stuck low for cash. Whether it be to pay a bill or to purchase food and clothes it has really been beneficial to earn with PointClub. Thank you for this awesome program, it's my go-to for taking surveys, with an outstanding rewards program.

Aaron C.
Kansas City, Missouri

I use the extra funds in my PayPal account to purchase items on the web, send money to my children, help with bills… Just wherever it is needed most. PointClub is a real blessing.

Lisa C.
Savannah, Georgia

Gosh, I am retired now and like many retirees, living on a very fixed income. I actually wish I were still working, but for now I am a Lady of leisure and filling out surveys on PointClub makes my day! The extra funds help me provide great dinners for my son (special needs) and we so appreciate it!

Linda C.
Waxahachie, Texas

PointClub has allowed me to earn money on my own time for things I want without having to put the charge on my credit card or hold off on the purchase. I wish I knew about PointClub sooner! I love seeing the points go towards my gift card!

Caitlin H.
Chaska, Minnesota

Just how easy it is to use and earn points! Whether I have 5 minutes or an hour, there always seems to be a survey that fits!

Amanda P.
Lexington, Kentucky

The ability to contribute to my families finances. It is the ideal "job" to work at home and still earn money for your families needs, or just for a treat. Those treats are special when you are low-income family.

Beth S.
Anderson, Indiana

The options for payment! There's just so many to choose from and there's something for everyone! Plus the amount of points needed to receive payment is actually attainable! Some places make it feel impossible to get the gift card you really want in a reasonable amount of time. But not PointClub! Plus the bonus points on surveys completed for logging in every day is priceless! Thank you!

Caitlin H.
Chaska, Minnesota

The ease of using the website and the ease of selecting the surveys you want to complete whether it is 5 minutes or 30 minutes. I also enjoy the selection of gift cards and the ease of adding up points, along with the consolation prize of 12 points if you don't qualify. I also like the chance of winning bonus points through Facebook. Thank you very much! Great job.

Victoria S.
Whittier, California

The very concept of PointClub is amazing - I have tried a number of “cash earning survey sites,” and none of them has been as easy and interesting to use as PointClub. If I had to choose one thing to consider a favorite aspect of the site, it would be the consolation points and encouraging messages when I fail. Getting even a few points for my efforts makes me feel like I have not wasted my time on the site, and I greatly appreciate and enjoy the fun comments and encouragements I am provided even with unsuccessful attempts.

Samantha J.
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Being able to earn gift certificates just for provided some feedback is a major plus!

Brent B.
Naperville, Illinois

My favorite thing about Point Club is the fact that there are always surveys available. It doesn't matter what time of the day I check, there's always at least one survey available. It's really nice because that provides more opportunities for me to get points. It's also great because I've used other survey sites in the past that barely offer any surveys in a single week. I'm definitely grateful to PointClub for all of the surveys they provide!

Najla W.
Decatur, Georgia

I feel the points add up very quickly. Most survey sites It could take months to get $25 which is why people end up leaving. PointClub is great because they reward you with a lot of surveys, and fast!

Jeanelle V.
White Haven, Pennsylvania

I like that there is a variety of gift card options so I'm not restricted to how I get my rewards, from food gift cards to clothing gift cards to paypal which turns into cash.

Ashlee G.
Erie, Pennsylvania

I love the way your rewards increase with daily visits. Since I've been a member I believe I've only missed one day logging in and I've been a member over a year. Lots of log-ins with lots of love!

Mark V.
Fennville, Michigan

My favorite thing about PointClub is getting paid well. Sometimes survey sites do not pay well and do not pay you in things you need, so this site is awesome.

Kristen S.
New Castle, elaware

My favorite thing is being able to take surveys and earn points to turn into gift cards that I can spend any way I want. Every little bit helps these days and this is a fun way to earn.

Vicki R.
Surprise, Arizona

My favorite thing has to be the double rewards for continuous taking of surveys. That is something no other survey site does: rewarding its users for showing up every day at least once.

Ken L.
West Edmeston, New York

The site is smart. It's got personality, and it's got the right incentives to keep you taking surveys, and be happy about it. It's fun and engaging. It's the kind of thing people are looking for.

Joshua S.
Jewett City, Connecticut