I earn money online using PointClub...

To purchase soapmaking supplies, for my ongoing hobby and my love for soapmaking

Independence, Iowa

For fly fishing purchases, which is my past time. I also use it for purchases for "Project Healing Waters", a volunteer group working with disabled vets.

Donald L.
Newington, Connecticut

For items like flowers and garden supplies. I am working towards a Lowes card now. I live very close to Lowes and find they have great supplies of the flowers I like. I may splurge on something I wouldn't ordinarly buy

Virginia K.
Germantown, Tennessee

Because my husband and I plan to move in a little over a year, when I retire. We want funds for the move, for all of the extras. And since we are moving closer to the ocean, my husband wants to buy a boat!

Donna G.
Springfield, Illinois

Because I can easily help my children with their expenses or give thems gifts. I have 2 daughters… One was displaced from her apartment and lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. Having cash from PointClub allowed me to help her.

Caroline A.
Flower Mound, Texas

To get something for me: Craft supplies, something for my home office, craft supplies, home decor and more. Oh, did I mention CRAFT SUPPLIES?!?

Linda D.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I became disabled 5 years ago at the age of 45, and being divorced with all my children grown and out on their own, it's very tough to cover all my bills on SSI only. The few dollars I can make from Point Club enable me to stretch my budget a little further, not to mention that it keeps me pre-occupied because I live alone. Besides, I also think it keeps the mind sharp, kind of a "use it or lose it" feeling.

Lisa M.
Saint Ann, Missouri

Mostly to buy things. Last year I was able to get enough cash to buy a nice headphones for my PC.

Matthew W.
Bellingham, Washington

To ease the financial burden of eating out at top notch restaurants, or buying things I need around the house. As a retiree I'm always looking for ways to save money and why not express my opinions, and also get rewarded for them.

Tom O.
Lake Worth, Florida

To help with extra funds for myself and my grandchildren, providing the stuff that I normally cannot buy with our regular budget.

Wendy T.
Rancho Cordova, California

To help me pay off bills. I've been struggling keeping up with payments just due to a lot of hardships in life and other events. These extra funds have helped me a lot in my life and I am very thankful to have an opportunity to share my opinions and to be rewarded from it.

Jessica C.
Chicago, Illinois

To do my Christmas shopping. My husband was sick last year and if not for PointClub and my rewards we would not have had any money for shopping.

Darlene L.
Elizabethton, Tennessee

Because I started taking more surveys and found that doing them was fun. The rewards I received have gone towards Christmas presents and helping offset the cost of remodeling our kitchen. The goal I have now, is to have some extra spending money this summer while in Europe celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

I.R. W.

Because the Walmart cards are perfect to subsidize our Sam's club shopping (which totals roughly $300 per month).

Scott J.
Columbia, Missouri

To pay for all of the goodies I find on ebay: 1972 Pepsi looney tune collector glasses, a full set of Burrell black letter thick walled glasses... Makes me feel like a kid again!

Howard L.
Newark, Texas

To go towards a three week trip I'm taking to Fiji and Australia. My goal was to pay for the trip with as much free cash and points as I could. Next I will use whatever I earn to go into my medical school savings line.

Corinne W.
Brownsburg, Indiana

Because I like getting gift cards to treat myself to extras such as meals at Panera or shopping for new clothes at Kohl's.

Marjorie F.
Yorktown Heights, New York

Because it's always nice to have a little extra cash. When I'm running low it really does come in handy!

Bonnie A.
Belpre, Ohio

So I can use it to buy yarn. I make crocheted hats for donations to cancer victims, veterans and babies.

Ruth H.
Levittown, Pennsylvania

For a new filter for my sink. The water at my college is not reliable, but it was not a purchase I could have afforded otherwise.

Sara H.
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Buy little gifts for my family and I. My wife deals with all the finances and I use this money without her hounding me about what I'm buying.

Leo G.
Fayetteville, North Carolina