How it works

What is PointClub all about?

Here's our sales pitch: PointClub has the BEST online surveys for getting paid! That says it all right there. You will be asked to take online surveys and we will reward you with points for your time. The reward amounts vary depending on how long and how narrowly focused the survey is set up.

For example, let's pretend a survey host (those are the people with a survey that needs answers) is looking for fifty people for an hour-long survey, and all those people need to be from the same small town in Indiana, have eaten a specific brand of potato chips within the past hour, and like the color orange. You can expect the reward for a specific survey like that to be very high because it is a really long survey and you deserve a ton of cash if you fit all those requirements. Most surveys aren't anywhere nearly that demanding, but we do work hard to provide you with the best surveys available to us at any given time.

Is PointClub free?

Yes! We will never, ever ask you to buy anything, we will not take any credit card information from you, and you will never see banner ads selling you stuff. You are here to get money from us, not the other way around.

What are "points"?

Points are how we keep track of your earnings in a way that crosses international borders easily. Each point is worth $0.001, so 1000 points is $1.00US. The average survey will earn you anywhere from 200 to more than 2000 points, and you can redeem those points for a wide variety of gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurants and entertainment.

What are "pending points" and "banked points"?

Each participant's completed survey data is reviewed by the hosting client to ensure everything looks good. Pending points reflect any surveys that have been completed, but still await review and therefore aren't yet eligible for cash-out. Once reviewed and approved, pending points become banked points and become immediately available for cash-out.

What happens if a client invalidates my survey?

While it's pretty rare, clients do sometimes come back and invalidate member data. This is mostly due to quality checks such as failed red herrings (more on that later...), rushing through the survey, or typing in gibbberish or profane answers for open ended questions (believe it or not, "fhdjsghsgdlsd" isn't a valid answer). When a survey is invalidated, the points are removed from your pending balance. Please note that points will never be deducted from your banked funds! Once reviewed and approved, they are yours!

How long will my surveys pend?

Survey data can take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks to officially “clear” with a client, depending on how many members took part and the complexities involved. However, we work very closely with all clients to ensure surveys are reviewed as quickly as humanly possible!

Do I start off with points?

We give you extra points every time you provide more information about yourself. By entering your email, Facebook or Google + account, we give you 500 points. When you complete the registration form we give you another 500p points, and when you confirm your email we give you 1000 points.

Aren't online survey sites a type of scam?

Nope, at least not all of them. There are some bad apples, but for the most part we are all trying to do the same thing - connect the folks who have surveys that need to be answered to the folks who are best able to answer them. What sets PointClub apart, though, is our commitment to finding you the best surveys that match you the closest, pay you the most, and are the easiest to take. It's not always easy, but we have tons of experience doing it.

How much can I really earn taking online surveys?

That depends on one thing - you. Taking surveys will not replace a full-time job, but it is an easy way to earn extra cash for the stuff that makes life better. Assuming you aren't trying to cheat our system (you wouldn't do that, right?), it's really hard to specify how much you can earn because it depends heavily on who you are and how much you take surveys. On the plus side, PointClub's cash out levels are really low and easy to meet.

I took a survey, why was I kicked out of it?

There's lots of reasons, but here are the top three most common reasons to get kicked out of a survey:

  • Survey hosts are picky! It's nothing personal, some survey hosts are looking for a very, very specific group of people, and though you may initially look like you fit that group, sometimes you don't.

  • Surveys are like your bathtub! Once you have the tub filled to the top, you turn off the water so you don't flood the bathroom. Survey hosts need a very limited number of respondents, so if you happen to be in the middle of the survey when they reach their limit, they will often times turn off the survey so they don't flood their system.

  • You stepped on the stinky fish! Well, in the industry we call them red herring questions. Sometimes a survey host will include a sneaky question to see if you are just clicking randomly on selections, and so they throw in a question that is meant to catch you.

How can I scam the system and earn cash without taking surveys?

Seriously, you want us to answer that? Well, we ask ourselves that all the time, and in fact we are constantly testing our systems looking for clever ways to break the code and award ourselves extra points without taking surveys, so the chances of your finding one will be pretty slim. We also take every single survey we post, looking for ways to speed through them and not give honest answers. In addition, we have all sorts of tests and metrics to flag suspicious behavior. Through all that extra work we have discovered the BEST way to be successful taking online surveys - being honest.

Why should I be honest?

We are not going to show up on your doorstep to check if you are being honest or not. Dishonest responses are the biggest problem with surveys in general, but we think that most people are generally good folks who don't tend to want to lie unless there's a good reason (or they can get away with it). Our system is based on being able to accurately predict how you are going to answer any particular survey question. Inconsistent answers confuse our system, which means an increased likelihood you will fail out of surveys because we aren't able to send you the right ones. Honesty really is the best policy.

Will PointClub ever terminate my account?

We want PointClub to be the best survey site in the world! But quality always beats quantity, so occasionally we will need to close any accounts considered high-risk for questionable, bad, or outright crummy data. We look closely at invalidation rates to identify members with numerous surveys rejected by clients, and red herring fail rates to see which users repeatedly answer questions without paying careful attention (which is kind of a big deal in this industry!) and will ultimately close accounts if the numbers demand it. Aside from that, unless you are trying to directly hack the system, or being abusive with our heroic support staff, consider us old-fashioned romantics looking for a long-lasting, mutally amazing relationship meant to go the distance!

So, all I have to do is be honest and take surveys?

PointClub is just getting started! In addition to our DailySweeps, contests, and various quizzes and polls, we are developing a whole slew of new ways to engage you, entertain you and give you opportunities to earn!