The best way to get paid online using PointClub…

Keep trying every survey because even attempts earn you points. And points add up.

Corrin J.
Kent, Washington

Always be honest and tell the truth. These surveys are for research, and you don't want to lie just to maybe get a few extra points; it's not worth it.

Christal G.
Pomona, California

Come on the site every day and try the surveys because you still get a few points for disqualifing for your first 5 surveys. Even if you just try you can cash out a lot more.

Robin J.
Bellingham, Washington

Make sure you're honest about your household, your hobbies, and your interests, because the more they know about you, the more surveys you will qualify for.

Patricia S.
Deltona, Florida

Make sure to log on every day and attempt the surveys even if they are long. Sometimes they're shorter than you think and the points add up fast!

Michelle C.
Glendale, Arizona

Remember to check in daily to get the most money out of your efforts. I check a few times a day sometimes... PointClub pays more for your time than any other survey company out there!!

Crystal J.
San Marcos, Texas

Don't give up! No one qualifies for every survey, but just keep at it and you'll succeed. And remember to Like the Facebook page and enter the daily codes. You can win 1000 points!

Judy M.
Louisville, Kentucky

Keep doing surveys. You get points when you can't complete a survey (up to 5 times) so try all surveys presented. Even if you don't like a particular type of survey keep in mind you may need the information from a survey to help you with a decision to buy a product or improve a product you like.

Sherry P.
Louisville, Kentucky

I have the site bookmarked so I can just click on the icon to get into it. Do not worry if you do not qualify for many surveys. There are enough that you can complete to get your reward. And check into the site everyday. And if you are on Facebook, it is worth it to do the code contest. I have won the 1,000 bonus points several times.

Caroline A.
Flower Mound, Texas

On the surveys, pay attention and answer truthfully. Enter the daily sweepstakes for an extra chance to get 1,000 points. Be sure to enter the Point Club site every day so you don't lose your bonus points streak.

Bruce K.
Delaware, Ohio

The best way to earn on PointClub is to go for all the quick/easy (5 minute, 15 minute etc) quizzes. You'll probably be eliminated from some of them, but if you are approved, this way you know it won't take an exorbitant amount of time. If you do qualify, you'll probably get a couple hundred points. It's best to check the site daily so that you can earn your 12-points per disqualified survey!

Elyse C.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stay vigilant and even if there isn't a survey for you today check back tomorrow. I usually check 2 or more times a day. Also don't forget to friend PointClub on Facebook.

Connie P.
Newton, Alabama

Check the homepage and try to complete a survey every day. That adds your points up faster

Casey E.
Wolcottville, Indiana

Log in every day as soon as possible so you can finish the surveys before they reach their quota. Also, logging in each day keeps your earning points up to 100%. Answer the surveys honestly. What we do affects the products and services we and our families use. The companies really do listen to what we have to say. I've witnessed a lot of improvements with consumer goods and services directly related to the surveys I've taken over the years. I can't help but to smile (and sometimes brag) that I played a part in the changes made, especially in the services. Our opinions really do count, and we're representing the rest of the population in our area. I would also ask them to not be discouraged when they get screened out. I've lived in many parts of the country and each is different. These companies sometimes need to know what a certain type of person needs or uses in their region. It's definitely not personal.

Christie S.
Pittsburg, Kansas

I recommend PointClub to my family and friends all the time! I always tell them the same thing. Take the job seriously and answer with thoughtful, honest responses. I tell them to not try and fool the system, to take each survey seriously. I know that there are companies that rely on our opinions and answers. Lastly, I tell them to be patient, that sometimes it takes a while to get a survey that best fits your qualifications or to reach an reward.

Linda K.
Mentor, Ohio

Be honest. You never know what the survey builders are using for disqualification so just be who you really are. Answering honestly also makes it easier for PointClub to send you the surveys which fit your circumstances. Check in each day even if you don't have time to take a survey so that you don't lose any bonus points you have built up from a streak of many days in a row.

Sandra V.
Victorville, California

Easy. Log in every day to keep your streak going. Try all the launches. You never know. Also, the Facebook sweepstakes is easy. FBSW and 6 numbers, actually 3 numbers because the first three are consistent weekly. I have won the 1000 points twice, and it is a nice surprise to me.

Ted M.
Nashville, Tennessee

It is so easy to earn gift cards!

Sara L.
Marshville, North Carolina