I use PointClub to earn free gift cards because…

I live on a very tight budget and the money helps with household needs, food, animal care and medications. I'm very thankful!

Crystal J.
San Marcos, Texas

I became a single mom and needed a way to supplement my income. Sometimes I have no food left in the cabinets and getting some gift cards goes a long way.

Wendy H.
Chandler, Arizona

The extra funds from here buy me insulin syringes and help to pay for my much-needed medicine.

Bruce R.
Mc Clure, Ohio

In the past year my boyfriend and I purchased a house so it is nice to save money and use my PointClub earnings for things for myself without having to pay for them with my own money! :)

Ashlee G.
Erie, Pennsylvania

As a prior cook/manager, being able to go to a restaurant and have someone else do all the prep, cooking and clean up is my idea of nirvana! And being able to choose the gift card amount, I can invite my son and daughter in law! Talk about a win win situation!

Lynn S.
Aberdeen, Maryland

I put it towards my production funds. One of my rewards went towards a polaroid travel camera to easily record my travels for my YouTube channel.

Elaine G.
Brooklyn, New York

We recently moved, so the extra cash came in HANDY! In the old place we didn't have room for a dresser which we desperately needed. I found a used dresser at a thrift shop, and had money left over to purchase paint and new handles to spruce it up! I absolutely love our new home, but the dresser is my favorite part. :)

Amanda P.
Lexington, Kentucky

Because I am a housewife, so I feel guilty that I can't get a "real" job in this expensive Washington state town that we moved to. I use the extra funds to buy groceries and essentials and sometimes pay a few bills.

Robin J.
Bellingham, Washington

I'm currently stockpiling the points to get Gamestop gift cards so I can get a pre-owned PS4 by the time Kingdom Hearts III finally comes out. Hopefully it comes out at the end of the year!

Adam A.
Alabaster, Alabama

I use them to buy small treats for me such as nail polish, books, or a cute top. Around August I will probably start stashing it away for my Christmas fund. I love that the surveys and polls are quick and easy.

Cathy J.
Cartersville, Georgia

I am retired and enjoy taking surveys to earn a little extra money for household expenses

Russell R.
Ypsilanti, Michigan

I am an artist and sometimes I am need of supplies that are out of my pocket. Not all art sells, and commissioned work still requires up-front expenses that the patron doesn’t supply.

Terri H.
Arlington, Washington

I am a self-employed dog-sitter. I use the money I earn from PointClub to help me with my expenses each month.

Olivia T.
Springfield, Illinois

I use the Fandango gift cards to purchase movie tickets. They really help out as I enjoy going to movies as much as possible

Nick V.
Morrisville, Pennsylvania

I call my rewards my fun money. This means I get to spend it on whatever I want. I don't need to worry about the family budget or be concerned that I hear from my husband...."You bought that???". If I do get comments, I just say I bought it with my fun money and that ends the discussion.

Danielle S.
Georgetown, Texas

I am a single mom supporting my 8 year old daughter by myself. These rewards are key and I do save them up for the most part in order to make Christmas happen or to give my daughter the birthday gifts she wants. I spent very little on Christmas this year out of pocket and almost nothing on her birthday out of pocket (other than the cake of course) due to the gift cards and other rewards I've received through the year. If it wasn't for a site like this I would definitely struggle to give my daughter the things she deserves.

Jenn F.
Chardon, Ohio

I have 5 grandchildren and get to spoil them a little. I also gave them to my kids when they were low on cash and needed food or personal items.

Stella S.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

My family wants to buy a mini-farm and I have already paid off $100 against a loan in just 3 months using PayPal through PointClub.

Shannon C.
Bowling Green, Kentucky

These cards come in really handy and are so appreciated! I am so excited about PointClub and so is everyone in my family :) Thank you!

Linda K.
Mentor, Ohio

I like to buy myself little items, new loungewear, cute jewelry, sometimes even a cheeseburger for a 'cheat day!' My husband's money pays the rent & the bills but we don't have any extra money for the little luxuries that women like to have so PointClub helps me afford them!!

Jana W.
Phoenix Arizona

Right now, while my husband works and I stay home with the kids, money is a little tight. I don't like being a financial burden, so I try to make some extra money answering surveys when I want something for myself that's not a necessity: a decoration for my house or a new book or a toy I think the kids will enjoy. I also just like having the extra money around in case of a bad year, like last year, where we had to replace three major appliances and pay for surgery. The funds I make from PointClub helped with that.

Elizabeth P.
Port Townsend Washington

I transfer the cash-outs to my savings. I am saving for a European trip and surveys are an easy way to rack up the savings.

Greg V.
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

It allows me to buy items i would not normally consider. These items include Amazon Alexa and Google Home. My next item I plan to buy with gift cards from PointClub is a virtual reality headset.

Dan H.
Osseo Minnesota

Last year I dated a guy who stole from me. Miscellaneous items as well as banking and credit card information. I've been trying to dig myself out of the hole that he put me in ever since. I was out of a lot of makeup items and the Sephora gift card helped me to get the things I needed.

Christene N.
Brook Park, Ohio

It's helped me to buy the materials, tools, and supplies needed for several do-it-yourself home improvement projects including exterior concrete repair, exterior re-painting of windows and siding, and interior woodwork sanding, staining, varnishing, and interior wall painting in my kitchen and a hallway.

Ed P.
Madison Wisconsin